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How does paypal work?

PostNapisane: 8 kwi 2021, o 09:29
przez antivirusnorton
Before diving into the implementation procedure, it’s going to be a good thing if you can understand the mechanism under the hood. Like we mentioned before, the Log In with paypal login tool is based on Open ID Connect. In the picture below, you can find all the information about the entire procedure in every single moment.
Everything starts with the application that we are developing: it could be the e-commerce we used before as an example. The Log In with PayPal button redirects the user to the paypal login Authentication and Authorization Service. After giving credentials, the user has to agree to share his data with our application. He will be informed of every single datum that he’s going to share with us. If everything goes fine, PayPal gives to the application an authorization code.
The next step is a communication between the merchant (the application) and the PayPal token service endpoint. The first gives to the second the authorization code, in order to receive the access token and the refresh token.

Re: How does paypal work?

PostNapisane: 8 kwi 2021, o 09:36
przez antivirusnorton
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